I have made this site to help people mad enough to want to do the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race for the first time. It comes out of the frustration of having spent hours and hours of my life researching the race as no-where could I find out everything I needed to know. I hope it will help you understand the race, prepare for it and (hopefully) make it to the finish line. If you are a pro paddler looking for record times then you're probably best looking for tips elsewhere as this site is aimed at newbies. Equally, if you want me to guarantee that you'll finish DW after reading this - I won't.

Start Here

So you’re thinking about taking on DW? Great news!

Maybe a friend mentioned it over your last pint, maybe you love crazy challenges, or maybe your partner has been desperate to do it for years. Either way, I hope this site will help you enormously.

My situation was the latter and my husband and I started out in September with no kayaking knowledge whatsoever. Thanks to a huge amount of training and commitment, 6 months later we were able to give the race our best shot. Unfortunately the weather Gods were against us and on our first attempt the race was cancelled at Reading, so it was another year before we finally made it to the finish line.

Part of the process that I didn’t expect was the hours of research we needed to do in order to swot up on everything from portaging technique to calories in a flapjack. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people start off interested in doing the race and then get put off by not knowing everything they need to from day one. Thankfully you won’t have to put the same hours in as the information is all here ready and waiting.

I originally made the Zero to DW Hero site as a bit of an experiment to help me recover some of my flapjack costs, but I got such good feedback that I really want to keep it up and running.

Therefore, unashamedly I have put some information on this website for free, but also have a more detailed eBook and some downloads available to buy in order to cover the costs of the running website – so long as I can sell few copies each year then I can break even. You can find a link to download the eBook at the bottom of each page of the website.

Enjoy and Good Luck!


Please note: This website is independent of the DW organisation and is therefore not affilated or endorsed by DW.

© S Hicks 2019

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