A Thank You

Apparently what all the trendy modern types do is ‘blog’. So here’s me trying to fit in…

As this site went live just a month or so ago, I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the positive feedback and comments I’ve had. It took quite a lot of work to put all the information together and I’m really glad to hear that people are already finding it useful.

I’ve tried my best to share the site with all the UK kayak clubs I can find and other adventure forums/mad-challenge-loving-people I can think of, but if you think of anyone who might be interested or inspired by zerotodwhero.com then please do ask them to take a look.

I have one last favour to ask – pretty please use the comments page. My promise to you is that I will read and reply to every message so you certainly won’t feel ignored. The more feedback I get from you all, the more useful I can make the website.

Happy kayaking!

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