Extreme Tideway Practice

You never know when there might be a tidal wave on the Thames, so clearly it’s necessary to learn to surf in a kayak.

Or maybe not an actual necessity, but fun nonetheless.

Al and I set off for a lovely weekend SCUBA diving in seals in Devon recently, looking forward to the crystal clear water and balmy weather. Clearly we’d got too complacent with 6 weeks of un-British sunshine. Sods law meant that for the one weekend we needed some decent weather, the weatherman gave us the opposite. Diving was cancelled and we had two days to kill in a very wet and windy Devon.

After a brief period of wanting to shout at the sky and punch walls, we found a way to make the most of the huge waves. Surfing seemed too easy, so we tried out surf kayaking! All the instructors promises were fulfilled – we capsized, we couldn’t steer, we were absolutely knackered and we have a new favourite sport!

IMG_0477 (2)

I should probably admit that this is totally unnecessary to train for DW, but if you’re ever at a loss for what to do on a wet and wild weekend then definitely keep it in mind.

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