An Adventure to the Pub

We thought it was about time we started thinking about training for DW 2019 so decided to utilise one of our holiday days in Suffolk to borrow some sea kayaks and head out on a mini adventure.

Every good adventure is orientated around a pub lunch so we planned a morning paddle up the River Alde in Suffolk with a culinary reward at the finish line. We were hoping to engineer being pushed by the tide each way but sadly the moon wasn’t playing ball, therefore we had no choice but to go against the tide.

We discovered that sea kayaks are a heavy breed and refuse to go in a straight line when they are lacking a rudder (as mine was). Straining our way to the pub against the tide brought back memories of attempting to paddle against the Thames in training last year. That particular memory was not a very happy one! Amazingly, on the River Alde we were just about able to make headway, so our cynical expectations about sacking off the adventure were proven wrong.

Thankfully we did make it to lunch and, although it was not quite the relaxing adventure we had in mind, we certainly worked some familiar muscles. It felt pretty good to be back on the water and battling with the sea will make the Thames back home seem blissfully smooth.


From now on we’re hoping to be paddling once a week up to Christmas – helping those rusty kayaking muscles remember what they are useful for. If you’re thinking of joining us for DW 2019 then now is when you need to start devoting some time to exploring your local river or canal. There’s no time like the present!

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