Ice Scrapers at the Ready!

Thankfully the weather has warmed up a little now, but I’m sure the weather man will have another cold snap up his sleeve.


If the idea of kayaking in these sub-zero conditions freezes you to death with terror, allow me to reassure you.

Here are all the great reasons why you should be dashing out in the ice and snow with the enthusiasm of a reindeer:

  1. Train hard, fight easy – if you are close to tears thinking your fingers are about to freeze off, think of it as an experience to remember on race day. At your lowest point in the race you can then remember the pain and think “at least I still have functioning fingers”.
  2. The race might actually be freezing cold – I really, truely, thoroughly hope this is not the case for 2019, but there have been years in the past in which parts of the course are frozen on race day. If you can learn to cope with it beforehand then you have a much higher chance of coping again.
  3. You can see where you’re going – if you’re paddling at night and there is snow around then it makes it so much easier to avoid the trees!
  4. The joys of nature – on the trip in this photo we followed a Kingfisher all the way down the river. He looked beautiful against all the snowy trees. What’s not to like?
  5. You can sing Christmas songs just for fun….

So maybe I’m clutching at straws a little bit now, but you get the idea. The first two points are the ones that actually matter and they might make all the difference to your morale as the sun sets on Easter Saturday evening.

Get out there and enjoy the snow!

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