Predicting the Future

As the race gets ever closer, one of the hardest things to decide is what time to go under this lovely festive bridge:


At first glance, this seems simple. Just work out your average speed and aim to arrive at Teddington some point in the four hour tide window right? The spanner in the works is the level of precision required – a difference of 1mph in your average speed makes a difference of 4 hours in the time it will take to get to Teddington.

I can’t say that this advice is foolproof as there are endless reasons why you might be delayed en-route, but the consensus seems to be:

  • Preferably compete in the Waterside D race (Devizes to Newbury) as your average time over this stretch is very likely to be your average speed for DW.
  • If you can’t do Waterside D, take an average speed from your longest training runs (e.g. at least 25 miles) and use this to predict arrival at Teddington.
  • In both scenarios, aim for the start of the tide window. It’s much more likely that you will be slower than you expect, and you’ll want as much time as possible to get along the tideway before the tide turns again.
  • If in doubt, just leave at 7am as this is the earliest allowable start time.
  • If you’re really in doubt, take a tent and be prepared to camp at Teddington Lock!
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