Kit Preparation

Before you start paddling into the depths of the night there are some bits of kit you’ll need. There’s not really any way to train without buying stuff, unless you have a generous kayaking addict friend willing to lend you their kit.

You will need to train with some of this kit from day one, whereas other items are more important for the race day itself. Depending on how flush you’re feeling, I’d recommend getting all the kit as early as possible. That way you can train with what you’ll be using on race day and be sure it works well for you. You don’t want to discover your gloves are rubbish at midnight when you’re 80 miles in with awful blisters.

Below is a basic list of the kit you’ll need, but there’s a more detailed list with recommendations of specific items in the Zero to DW Hero eBook. The items I recommend have worked well for us but I can’t guarantee that everything will suit everyone (e.g. for clothing items). At least it’s a place for you to start.

  • Kayak rack & straps
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Drybag
  • Boat lights
  • Spray decks
  • Water bottles & holders
  • Gloves
  • Buff
  • Hat & cap
  • Waterproof
  • Base layer
  • Fleece
  • Leggings
  • Trainers

If you’ve got all of that sorted then you are fully fledged into the ‘all the gear and no idea’ category – it’s time for some proper training! 

What’s in the Zero to DW Hero eBook?

  • More information on what each item is for
  • A description of the best type of clothing to buy for kayaking specifically
  • Recommendations of specific products that we have tried and tested on DW itself

Download the Zero to DW Hero eBook here (£15):


If you’re wanting a full kit list for the day, have a look at the race page.

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